From the best-selling author - Jillian Kingsford Smith

Real Life Stories on caring for yourself & a loved one with Multiple sclerosis



"Taking Control Together' has finally arrived! This book – written to be a companion resource to the 2013 best-selling book Taking Control, is a guide that gets to the heart of how you can overcome feeling isolated or alone when caring for someone with a chronic illness.
'Taking Control Together' seeks to explore the complex relationship between sufferer and supporter, the potential guilt, fear and inability for those closest to the person with MS to control a disease of which so little is known. 
It’s undeniable that being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a game changer; but the journeys described within ‘Taking Control Together’ prove that dire situations can inspire positive changes.
The stories in this book are a testament to the prevailing human spirit, where we witness people often digging deep to find an inner strength they didn’t know they possessed. 

‘Taking Control Together’ guides the all-important support network in how to look after their mental, emotional and physical well-being whilst supporting someone with a chronic illness.


Stephanie's story

As wife to well-known Australian comedian and MS ambassador Tim Ferguson, Stephanie is no stranger to the spotlight, however, she prefers to keep the focus on Tim and remain behind the scenes. Stephanie met Tim before the world knew he had MS and stood by as he revealed his secret publicly and reinvented his career. But this is a story of how one incredible young woman managed to progress her own career and find her feet in a new country. 
Stephanie tells are as funny as they are insightful. 



Emma's story

Having travelled for 20 years as one of the world’s most recognised models, Emma Balfour once again calls Sydney home. It is here she raises her two sons with her partner Andrew whilst being the ‘dutiful daughter’ to her mother and father, both diagnosed with MS. Her relationship with each of her parents is both unique and complex based on their different reactions and needs as to how they live with MS, as is the perspective that living with the disease has brought to how she wants to live her own life.



Paul's story

Today Paul Murnane sits as the chairman of MS Research Australia. 
Over the past 35 years, he has forged a notable career as a corporate advisor & company director. Paul’s lengthy personal experience with MS – after the diagnosis of his wife Annie nearly 20 years ago – has made him only too aware of the realities of the disease. He now uses this knowledge to drive his passion and determination to secure successful MS research outcomes for Australians with MS.